I am looking for a specific design that you don't show. Are there other designs I can choose from?

We would be happy to work with you to find a design that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can click here to go to Embroidery Island (in a new browser window). From there, you can search their designs (over 90,000!) to find the one you want to use. You can then select any of the "stock" designs in order to place the order, and tell us the Embroidery Island design number during checkout. 

For more information about the Embroidery Island designs and design codes, see the FAQ here

I found a design, but the colors don't match my decor. Can I change the colors?

Colors can be changed to match a specific decor. However, it is almost impossible to match the precise shades of paint, fabrics etc. to a thread color. If you feel that a color change is necessary in a particular design, please e-mail us from the Contact page.

What are the steps to ordering?

This varies based on how complicated your order is, but the general process goes something like this:

  1.  Select the item(s) you want embroidered from our "Products" section
2.  Add a design, if desired, from our Design section
     - you can also send us your logo or artwork to be digitized (cost varies)
3.  Add text or monograms, if desired

You can also call us at any time and we'll walk you through the steps.

How long will I have to wait to get my order?

Order turn-around time depends primarily on the size and complexity of the order. In-stock items for personalization can be shipped within a week (faster if needed). Special-order items, logo digitizing, or large orders may require more time. Please be sure to let us know (either before or during your order) what your time constraints are, and we'll work to ensure that you get what you want, within your time frame.